Why use a Realtor when purchasing property?

Let us explain how we work with this step-by-step process.

Step 1:  Qualify your wants, needs and desires.

At our first meeting, we will listen to your wants, needs and desires in a home and formulate a criteria to begin your search.

Step 2:  Qualify you financially to determine your price range.

We can make lender recommendations and explain different financing programs such as WCDA, Conventional, ARM’s, VA, FHA, etc.  

Not sure what documents the Lender may need?  See our Mortgage Application Checklist for general guidelines.

Step 3:  Identify and show properties that meet your criteria.

We can show you any home that is listed in your desired area or any For Sale By Owner properties.  We’ll perform a search for properties that meet your needs and wants and help you find the “Perfect Home”.  We can also set-up Automatic E-mail notification of newly listed properties that fit your needs so that you’ll know about these the first day they come on the market.

Step 4:  Once you find the “Perfect Home” … we’ll write
the Purchase Offer

We’ll sit down together and discuss the terms and conditions that work for you.  We’ll include these in the written Contract, as well as any other additional provisions, that will protect your best interests in the transaction.

Step 5:  Present the Offer to the Listing Agent and/or Seller

We’ll present all of the documentation, to include the Offer, your qualifications as a Buyer and your Earnest Money Deposit.  We’ll also answer any questions that the Listing Agent/Seller may have to substantiate that you are a “Qualified Buyer” that the Seller can count on to close the transaction.

Step 6:  Negotiate any Differences in Terms between You
and the Seller

If you and the Seller do not agree on the terms of the initial Purchase Offer, we will sit down together and evaluate a possible Counter Offer.  It is as this point that we negotiate the acceptable changes in terms and conditions between YOU and the Seller that will enable you to enter into a Contract.

Once You’re Under Contract, What’s Next? …

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